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Welcome to Lost and Found, a Cost Reduction Consulting Firm

Lost and Found is an expense management firm practicing cost reduction consulting. We call Charlotte, N.C. home but work with clients all over the country in a variety of industries.

Our Mission

We make a simple promise with big rewards—to dedicate our efforts to help your business grow and prosper.

Our objective is to ensure that you get exactly what you’re due. We use our experience and proven processes to recover expenses that many organizations unknowingly and consistently overpay. To that end, we use every tactic, law, strategy, and technique available to uncover overcharges that deliver real economic gains. Our team of experts works diligently, focusing on fast turnaround times and clear, concise results.

Working with us, you’ll find a one of a kind asset, which only earns payment when we deliver on our promise.

Our History

The organization started in 2004 as a single service audit consulting firm J&N Marketing. We served mid-size companies in the greater Charlotte area. Not soon after launching, things began to look bright. We had a significant success rate, which caused more demand for our services and opportunities for growth.

In response, we increased our audit service offerings over the following years by adding six additional expense category audits. In tandem, we expanded our market reach to include organizations all over the U.S.

By 2009, the momentum and growth prompted us to rebrand and align our name with what we do best—find lost revenue!

Growing and Remaining Focused on Delivering Results

Through our evolution, we’ve remained focused on bringing new staff on board with the talent, expertise, and passion to deliver the results our clients expect. Our people are certainly our most valuable assets. They are key to ensuring our clients reap the benefits of cost reduction and expense management.

With our broad range of audits, we have been successful in nearly every industry. Our client list spans across Fortune 500 organizations to growth-minded companies throughout the nation. Today, we drive bottom-line profit for our clients at a higher rate than ever through diligent analysis, attention to detail, industry knowledge, and resiliency.

Let’s Talk About Managing Expenses

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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