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What Our Clients Say About Our Expense Management Expertise

1) Over the course of our agreement, we will save approximately $480,000 on our waste expense, $204,000 on our wireless and over $156,000 on utilities. The fact that you were able to find such savings opportunities confirms that it pays to have an expert review and benchmark pricing. I would recommend your expertise to any company interested in cost reduction.

Darin Holderness - Woodgrain Products

2) As a private college, we always strive to cut costs where able, without putting extra effort on our staff. I am pleased to say that not only did Lost and Found reduce our waste expense by 17% without having to change our waste hauler, but there was very little time and effort spent on our team’s part.

With your insider knowledge and expertise, we were able to completely optimize our current waste expense and increase our bottom line. I would highly recommend Lost and Found Corporation to any private college or other non-profit organization to verify the accuracy of their expenses.

Patricia Swed - Notre Dame College

Not only are we looking to save more than $36,000 in merchant fees over the term of the agreement, but we were not required to change our processor. We were promised a “no-hassle” review and that is exactly what we got. The entire process took very little time and effort on our part and we began realizing savings quickly. I would highly recommend Lost & Found if you are interested in reducing your merchant fees quickly and effectively.

Bryan Coats - Jackson Group Peterbilt

I would like to personally thank you for helping us recover over $100,000 in telecom overcharges as well as reducing our current telecom expense by over 13%. When we were approached by one of your senior advisers regarding having an independent outside firm review of our telecom expense we were hesitant but ultimately decided that since it was a contingency fee-based review with no upfront fees why not give Lost & Found a try. Now that the review is complete I can say without hesitation that it was a rewarding experience and you were able to discover overcharges and reductions that we would not have had the time to investigate. I would highly recommend your firm to any company looking to reduce expenses.

Jamie Love Brockway - MHMR of Tarrant County

We truly appreciate having a company work for us who is as dedicated to cutting costs as we are. We have a diligent team that does a great job managing our expenses and your team of industry specialist were able to drive our fees down by an additional 22%. Without your specialized expertise, we would not have captured those savings and would continue to overpay by thousands of dollars. We are happy to recommend your service!

Beth Bartz - Northeast Companies

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your audit service. While reviewing the results after our second full month of your audit, we are averaging 57% savings! This was exactly in line with the savings estimate that I was given during your sales pitch and I’m thrilled that you have delivered on your estimates. The whole process was quick and within the time frames projected. It required less of my staff’s time than we had anticipated as well. Your team communicated well from start to finish. The support and follow up is greatly appreciated, and the results were clearly quantified. You guys have definitely delivered and I appreciate it. I always welcome initiatives that will improve the financial health of our company without increasing the workload on our staff. I would be happy to recommend your service to any other company that appreciates cost containment.

Cameron Butterfield - Beneficial International

Your teams required very little time or internal resources but always kept us informed and in control. We were able to get peace of mind and achieved a 54% reduction in our waste/recycling expense. Thanks again for the hard work!

Tim Brooks - Hubbard Supply

The lead auditor assigned to us was an absolute expert in his field. It was very comforting to have Lost & Found in our corner. You were able to optimize our fees with very little effort on our part. We would highly recommend you to any business interested in optimizing their merchant services fees! Thanks, Lost & Found!

Joseph Wines - Hill International Trucks

I would like to thank AD for recommending Lost & Found to conduct a review of our cell phone expense. Lost & Found was quick, efficient, professional, and needed almost none of my staff’s time. They were able to achieve a 23% savings in our cell expense within 30 days and it did not involve changing carriers. I am a big believer that it pays to have an industry expert review any expense, but with cell phone plans constantly changing I think this is one expense that is always worth investigating.

Eric Ruano - Consumers Pipe & Supply

Your staff remained professional and courteous throughout the entire process and followed through with their promises to find and deliver any refunds owed to us from our vendors. I would recommend Lost & Found to any company interested in reducing their expenses and identifying past billing errors.

Steve Frank - Fairchild Equipment

The lead auditor assigned to us was an absolute expert in his field. It was very comforting to have Lost & Found in our corner. Best of all, you have reduced our fees by over 32%! As a non-profit organization, every little bit helps, and the additional money going to our bottom line is much appreciated.

Nadene Alleyne - Huntingtons Disease Society of America

Thanks, you for all the diligent work and I would highly recommend your company to any organization, as it is a “no brainer”!

Brad Skeen - Oliver H Van Horn

I would like to personally thank you for the outstanding job that your firm performed for us at the Hampton Inn & Suites. It is refreshing to deal with a company that actually under promises and over-delivers on a consistent basis. The follow-through, as well as professionalism and attention to detail that your company demonstrated, was admired by our entire staff. Thanks to your auditor’s insider knowledge, as well as industry contacts, you were able to reduce or telecom service contract by over 50%. With that additional 50% savings, you were able to install a brand new state of the art telephone system throughout our entire property. Our controller has determined that this new telephone system will fully pay for itself in less than 2 years. You required very little of our staff’s time to perform your analysis and were able to show an ROI in less than 24 months. This was one of the most profitable and pleasant experiences I have had with an outside consulting firm. I would highly recommend your firm to any company looking to impact their bottom line. What a blessing to work with such knowledgeable professionals!

Debby Hoover - General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites

Thank you for your outstanding work on our telecommunications cost reduction project. At the conclusion, our monthly expense has been reduced by 64%! Your team did an excellent job communicating with both the IT department and myself. Any time we felt uncertain about information relayed or processes put in place by AT&T your team was quick to clear any confusion. Having your team as an advocate for L.A. Darling made us confident we were in complete control of all decisions and had access to a very knowledgeable and resourceful team. All things said the result of this audit provides our company complete efficiency with maximum capacity in our communication network and peace of mind for our whole team. Thank you again for the great results!

Shannon Powers - LA Darling

After almost three years of using your service, I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and diligence in saving us money that would have been otherwise lost. When we engaged your company we had recently renegotiated with our processor and had our fees down to just over 2%. We thought it was as low as it was going to get but figured we had nothing to lose by using your service. I am certainly glad we did as our savings is now over $71k!”

Robert Zimmerman - Sunstate International

I would like to thank Lost & Found for performing a telecom audit for our bank. It was a painless process that took up very little of my staff’s time. I would recommend your company to any firm looking to perform an independent review using a professional and competent corporate savings agency.

Cagin Orgen - Aquesta Bank

The fact that you were able to reduce our telecom bill by more than 25% without having to change vendors or buy any new equipment is impressive.

Dennis Gish - VNA Plus

The lead auditor assigned to us was an absolute expert in his field. It was very comforting to have Lost & Found in our corner. Best of all, they have reduced our fees by over 30% and are supplying thousands of dollars each month directly to our bottom line.

Linda Boettcher - Southeast Hazard

We are tracking at a 25% cost reduction! I am certain we would have never captured those savings as your industry knowledge and expertise made all the difference. In hindsight, I would have handed this project to you immediately and not spent the time and resources trying to handle this in house. Thank you for respecting our time and providing effective communication during the process. It was basically effortless on our part.

Paul Acree - Hose & Rubber Supply

I am impressed with the knowledge your audit team had to be able to drive savings of over 35% considering all the factors and not requiring a processor change. My time investment was very little and our reward is substantial considering there was nothing to lose and no financial investment. Overall, this was a very easy and painless process that I wish we would have utilized long before now.

David Ross - Western Filler

I admit to some initial skepticism because, as a finance professional, when it comes to outside consulting firms, I am concerned about how much effort will be required of my team, as well as the financial return on the investment. I am happy to say, after working with your expert team, we are projecting a savings of over $72,000 with less than one hour of my staff's time. That amount of return for such a minimal amount of effort is most definitely a win in my book.

Kelly Stewart - Coast Aluminum & Architecture

I would like to express my gratitude to Adam and the members of the Lost & Found team for the service that was provided. First and most importantly, in our first 2 months, we are averaging a 41% reduction on our costs to accept credit cards! Your team was very patient and did a great job staying on top of things to make sure they continued to move forward during our internal changes. I would be happy to endorse your service to any other company.

Kevin Dufrene - Waste Water Specialists

Dear Jeff, Now that your review is complete, I wanted to let you know how satisfied we at Terminal Trucking are with the services you provided to our company. I want to thank you for all your hard work, persistence, and outstanding service. Your program is truly a no-risk, effortless service which produced a nice refund for our company. Other than signing a few letters and answering a few questions, the time invested was minimal and well worth investment. It is evident that your ‘results-driven’ service is a valued resource for any business looking to reduce its operating costs.

Thomas M. Burr - CPA, Terminal Trucking Co., LLC

I am pleased to recommend Lost & Found for their assistance in helping my Company reduce its cost. Although we thought we had already done our homework and had negotiated very good interchange rates I am pleased I opted to undertake a second expert review. After working with your lead auditor Adam Pflaumer and his team at Lost & Found we were able to reduce our merchant credit card processing expense by over 21%. Best of all we did not have to change processing companies and it was basically an effortless change. These are real savings which we would not have found. It has paid to work with an expert on your side. I would highly recommend Lost & Found to any company interested in optimizing their electronic payment fees.

Thomas J O'Connell - VP Finance, Hancock & Moore

I was most impressed with your consultant's level of industry knowledge and devotion to helping us reduce our expenses while maintaining the high quality and service levels we require.

Lori McCarrall - Skyline Exhibitor

Thank you for all your help in reducing our personal property tax liability by 1.2M of asset value. We had never given any thought to having this area audited until you approached us and we are very glad you did. The auditor was courteous, professional and above all very knowledgeable. You delivered as promised, very little time required and substantial savings.

Ken Cole - Director Financial reporting, BestSweet Inc.

On behalf of The Cedars of Chapel Hill, I want to thank you for all of your hard work, persistence, and outstanding service. Your program is truly a no-risk, effortless service which produced nearly $20,000 of workers’ compensation premium recoveries. Without your help, we would have never received the money that we were legally entitled to. We now know the importance of having an independent review of our workers’ compensation premium calculations and would recommend your service to anyone concerned about the proper assessment of premiums under their workers’ compensation policies.

Sara Flynn - The Cedars of Chapel Hill

Just a quick note to say thank you for auditing our past worker's compensation premiums and recovering over $50,000 in overcharges. As you are aware the workers’ compensation system is incredibly complex. Being in the restaurant business and having multiple locations in multiple states, numerous part-time employees with many job classifications made it very difficult to track. In most states, there are over 700 approved classifications and the interpretation of the classifications varies from state to state. In addition, insurance company underwriters, premium auditors, and technicians handle multi-state territories. It is virtually impossible to know all the rules and regulations of multiple jurisdictions. In my opinion, Todd Schiff of Work Comp Audit was the expert we needed to perform a historic audit and align all of the needed state and federal agencies and get them all on the same page. I would recommend that any restaurant group with multiple locations have Lost & Found conduct a workers compensation audit for them. Being on a contingency fee basis they have nothing to lose.

Ray Wood - Loss Prevention, Franchisee of KFC Corporation

On behalf of Starmount Forest Country Club, I would like to personally thank Lost & Found for their professionalism, diligence, and timely performance in reducing our property tax liability. With your guidance, we were able to extend our appeal period which allowed us to file for a reduction. The specialist you brought in were able to demonstrate to our county assessor that our tennis courts were coded incorrectly and that our fitness center was overvalued. Thanks to you we were able to reduce our property value by over $1,000,000. I would highly recommend Lost & Found to any company interested in increasing their bottom line.

Tonia Vaughn - Starmount Forest Country Club

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for recovering over $80,000 in overcharges for The Greater Atlanta YMCA. I must admit that I was very skeptical when you first pitched me concerning the merits of an audit. I felt that our staff was very thorough as well as pro-active when it came to our workers' compensation premium. What I discovered was that a Lost & Found audit goes well beyond what my staff has the time or the expertise to accomplish. You were able to go back historically and uncover mistakes that the NCCI made over five years ago and recover those for us. Your audit involved very little of my staff’s time, another point of my original skepticism. I would highly recommend Lost & Found to any for-profit and especially non-profit company interested in a contingency fee second opinion by one of their industry experts.

Billy Holley - CFO, The Greater Atlanta YMCA

I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping us find some extra savings. Your company has performed three audits for my non-profit organization and all three have gone very well and with very little effort required on our part. As important, we have received refunds or credits on all three. Your experts were able to reduce our telecom expense, workers compensation premium, and additional sales tax expense savings that combined for over $40,000 of savings. Being a not for profit business has its own unique set of challenges, one of which is to serve our clients with an increasingly small budget. It has been nice to work with your company. I was pleasantly surprised that you were about to find savings that we had missed and would not have found without your help. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.

Jack Gossett - Alexander Youth Network

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for a job well done. When I was first approached with the idea of having a workers compensation premium audit performed, I must say that I had my doubts. I was concerned that it would take up too much of my staff’s time as well as be a distraction from their core responsibilities. Working with your administrative staff that collected all the documentation as well as with Todd Schiff who performed the audit was a breeze. My staff did not invest more than 30 minutes of their time into the audit and we received a refund of over four thousand dollars. Anytime that we can get paid eight thousand dollars an hour I would consider it a great investment. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients.

Anita C. Isley - Tex-Care Medical

Joe and Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that we have received a check from our insurance carrier for $22,638.00. I have to admit that when Jeff first explained the process of receiving a refund for overpaid premiums I had my doubts. Especially since we had already challenged our carrier several times and did not have any success. I was also skeptical when Jeff said that the entire audit process would not take up over two hours of my administrative staffs’ time. Within 45 days and less than two hours of my firms’ time, I received the letter of finding from your auditors. My carrier responded by saying once again that they stood by their calculations and conclusions. I must say at that point I thought it was a lost cause and told Jeff as much. Within 24 hours I had all of the supporting documentation sent to my carrier who then acknowledged their mistakes and adjusted my premiums accordingly. I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, thoroughness, and accuracy. I would highly recommend your company.

Terry Berger - Bellwether Management Solutions

Generally, we as consumers are quick to show our displeasure with our vendors. I would like to tell you that we are pleased with the results your company found from our previous Workers Compensation audits. The $13,700 in overcharges you discovered really helped us out during the trying times. Lost and Found delivered solid results while minimizing the amount of time that we had to devote to the process. Thank you for a job well done.

Ryan Chambers - Chambers Transportation Services, Inc.

When I was first approached with your services, I was skeptical of what errors you could possibly find that would result in return premium dollars for my company. Since your services are rendered on a contingency fee basis, I felt I had nothing to lose. Much to my surprise, you found a reporting error in our ’05-’06 policy period that resulted in a refund for the ’07-’08 policy period. Without the use of your services, the approximate $12,500 refund never would have made it back to Glenn Diving. I was especially pleased that your organization did not take valuable time away from my staff in obtaining this refund. I greatly appreciate your efforts. You have proven to me that your retrospective review is a valuable tool and should be utilized by any company paying significant premiums. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Richard L. Glenn

Jeff, Just a quick note to express our gratitude for recovering over $52,000 in workers compensation overcharges for our company. You and Joe made it a smooth and effortless process with no significant interruptions to our everyday operations. We invested less than one hour of our administrative staff’s time during the entire process. Because of our experience with your company we have decided to take advantage of some of your other expense reduction services. I would highly recommend your company and services to any company interested in improving their bottom line.

Bradley Ragan

I appreciate you reaching out to Hissong group to offer your services, and I would recommend them to any truck dealer looking to reduce operational expenses.

David J Barna - CFO, Hissong Group

I would Highly recommend Lost & Found Corporation to any CAT or other equipment dealers looking to reduce costs.

Shane McLaughlin - VP, CAT

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