Turnkey Cost Reduction Solutions for AD Members

We help businesses improve cash flow through expense optimization, cost recovery, cost management, and audits. Our experts have recovered millions of dollars for organizations without changing their vendors. Let us do the same for you.

Ashley Simon, AD Client Relationship Manager


We are a preferred AD service provider helping businesses like yours reduce costs and increase cash flow.

Briggs, Inc. Reduced Fees By $25,000

“I was skeptical when you stated that you were very successful at reducing your client’s merchant service fees without changing processors. I am pleased to announce that you were able to reduce our fees by at least $25,000 and we did not change processors.”

Chris J. Sunde, Executive VP & COO
Briggs, Inc. of Omaha.

Cost Reduction Services

We'll find your lost revenue. Identifying overcharges and optimizing expenses enable our team to support your business’ cost containment goals. We provide cost reduction services for AD Members (Affiliated Distributors) in the these expense categories:

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What Other AD Members Are Saying

“Saved us 15% of our annual merchant services fees”

Jemery Araujo, CFO, Torrco

“We saw roughly between a 20-25% savings”

Matthew Los, Finance Director, Hein Electric

Consumers Pipe & Supply Saved 23%

“Lost & Found was quick, efficient, professional, and needed almost none of my staff’s time. They were able to achieve a 23% savings in our cell expense within 30 days and it did not involve changing carriers.”

Eric Ruano, Controller
Consumers Pipe & Supply

Hubbard Supply Co. Saved 54%

“Your team required very little time or internal resources, but always kept us informed and in control. We were able to get peace of mind and achieved a 54% reduction in our waste/recycling expense.”

Tim Brooks, COO & Co-Owner
Hubbard Supply Co.

ISC Companies Saved 40%

“You recently concluded three operational expense reviews for our company. All three were profitable and involved very little of my staff’s time. You reduced our waste by over 40%, our telecom expense by 9% and our utilities by over 6%. These savings were achieved without us having to change our current suppliers and with no interruption of these services.

Brian Hoolihan, Controller
ISC Companies

EECO Saved $230,000

“The team was able to reduce our merchant service fees by $18,000, cell phones by $46,000, waste expense by $126,000 and small parcel by $230,000 over the term of our agreement while remaining with our current vendors.”

Jason Emanuel, CFO
Electrical Equipment Company (EECO)

Wurth Oliver H. Van Horn Co., LLC Recommends

“Thank you for all the diligent work and I would highly recommend your company to any organization, as it is a no brainer!”

Brad A. Skeen, CFO
Wurth Oliver H. Van Horn Co., LLC

Case Studies

Below are examples of how our cost reduction services have made a significant impact for our AD (Affiliated Distributors) customers. Each case study is a testament to our commitment to excellence, understanding your business, and delivering results for you. Read these case studies and discover how we can help you achieve similar success for your business.


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