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Did you know that dumpster diving can save you money?  Not on groceries, but on your corporate waste and recycling expenses.  Many businesses set up waste management contracts and never look back.  The company takes away the trash, some portion is recycled and the rest ends up…. wherever waste goes in your area.

But did you know you could be overpaying by a substantial amount for basic trash hauling and recycling?  Many people sign their contract with a waste management company and move on to the next issue, never giving it a second thought.  But, as margins are continually squeezed, it is becoming apparent that all expenses should be evaluated frequently to look for savings and that includes places you may not have looked before.

Up to 90 % of all companies unknowingly are overpaying for waste services.   With new technologies and additional recycling opportunities it is easy to cut costs today. Many companies send out a few RFPs for waste management companies, but fail to consider all the things may have changed since their last RFP.  Additional savings could be found, but it is unlikely that your vendor is going to point out an area where they can reduce their fees.

Having an outside firm conduct a waste audit of your dumpsters could save you time, money and provide a path to greener pastures…literally.  Waste auditors will go through your dumpster to see what type of waste you have and how it is being handled. Depending on the type and amount, you could be in for substantial savings if your current waste management company is not utilizing available technologies or appropriate recycling best practices.

The good news about a waste audit is that it does not require you to dumpster dive.  Instead, the trained waste professionals who conduct these audits are looking for ways to reduce your costs by first reviewing the actual waste itself and then reviewing the waste management contract.  Very often they find overcharges and excessive fees that get refunded to the client’s bottom line and those savings continue for many months into the future.

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