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Lost & Found Inc. is excited to announce that as of December 17, 2016, it passed the quarter-billion-dollar mark in total savings for its clients.  Lost & Found achieves these savings by reviewing its clients expense statements to uncover excessive fees and overcharges which they get redirected back to the client’s bottom line. 

Founded in 2007, Lost & Found has over 120 years combined experience in the merchant processingtelecom, banking, waste & recycling, accounts payable, and worker’s comp industries.  Its clients vary across a broad spectrum of industries from healthcare, trucking, manufacturing, distribution, energy, and not-for-profit to name a few.

“This is an exciting time at Lost & Found as demand for our services has never been higher.  As margins tighten, more companies are looking outside the box for additional profitability and our audits deliver that quickly and efficiently,” said Joe Wiseman, Founder and CFO at Lost & Found Inc.

To see if your company qualifies for savings contact Jeff Lavoie, VP of Sales, at 704-662-0074 x 11 or visit the Lost & Found website at to schedule a risk-free, no-obligation conference call.

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