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Today, The Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA) and Lost & Found Corporation are pleased to announce that they have entered into a joint marketing agreement.  Under the terms of this agreement TCATA will provide its members with streamlined access to Lost & Found’s expense recovery and audit services that save companies up to 40% on certain expenses.

“We offer very few agreements of this nature so we are excited to partner with Lost & Found,” said David Cotter, CEO of TCATA.  “This agreement will provide our members with a valuable discount on Lost & Found’s audit services while expanding Lost & Found’s reach to member companies.”

 “TCATA’s members are a great fit for our merchant services fee audittelecom bill audit, and worker’s compensation premium audits in addition to our virtual card rebate program.  This strategic alliance will bring a valuable service to TCATA’s members at a substantial discount.” said Joe Wiseman, CFO and Founder of Lost & Found Inc.  “Our goal has always been focused on creating additional cash flow for our clients via reducing excessive fees and overcharges so that our clients can put that “found” money back to the bottom line or toward other activities that promote growth or support infrastructure development and expansion.”

The Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA) is an international trade association representing manufacturers and distributors of dry cleaning and laundry equipment and supplies.  It is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the interests of the allied trades.  For more information about TCATA please visit their website at

Lost & Found Inc. is an independent expense audit and recovery firm located in the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area.   They provide cost containment services in 7 different expense categories that create additional profit for their clients through the recovery of overcharges and expense optimization.  For more information about Lost & Found’s services please visit their website at

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