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Pokémon Go

Guest Post by Frank Buonemani. Frank is Director of Tax Services at Lost & Found, Inc. and a Managing Partner with ELB Consulting. For more information about these services see the About Us tab on this website or ( or contact Frank directly at

Within a matter of weeks, Pokémon Go is all the rage and could be considered a phenomenon, while raking in substantial revenues from gamers. It has people are walking around mesmerized by the cell phones, oblivious to the world around them in an Augmented Reality (AR) game/real world, searching desperately for Pokémon characters, building their inventory, and attaining higher levels.

Of course, the game is a free App download, but once you’re hooked, Pokémon sells In-Game Purchases. In just a short time, download revenues have skyrocketed and Nintendo stock has soared.

According to a report by Quartz, based on data from SensorTower, U.S. Po-Go players using iOS already are spending about $1.6 million each day on in-app purchases (as reported on Fox Business).

There’s already a secondary market, where people are even paying money for accounts that have already attained an exclusive level.

So with this game fast becoming a phenomenon driving fans to rove around in search of a hidden Pikachu and his buddies, will Pokémon Go gamers wander into you building looking for a new level or prize?

Of this I have no idea.  I do know that regardless of Pokémon Go, you can certainly find significant reward hidden within the walls of your Commercial Real Estate, which easily increases your level of federal tax deductions, providing better cash flow.  All without having to worry about your Pokémon CP Level, HP Level, what type of Poké Ball to use, or throwing technique.

While the Pokémon Go reward of higher levels may provide a challenge, you will be much better suited to engage a cost segregation firm to search out your premises for tax deductions and higher levels of cash flow. No need for an Augmented Reality (AR), when a cost segregation study lives in a reality that will deliver Augmented Tax Incentives (ATI). Enhancing the good work your CPA already does. Professional engineers operate in this known reality of, “engineering and I.R.S. Guidelines”, to identify the ATI deductions.

If you own commercial real estate, there are essentially higher levels of money (not Pokémon Go digital monsters) hidden in your walls, under your floors, in the spaces over your ceilings, and both above and underground within the boundaries of your property. The ATI prize is real, delivered to you via tax additional deductions, and consequently increased cash flow. This tax strategy also provides for compliance with the I.R.S. Tangible Property Regulations.  An added level of security.

Whether new construction, an acquisition, a renovation, or even within a property that has lain dormant in your portfolio for less than 10 years – there is very likely significant ATI hidden within its boundaries.

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