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Reduce Laundry Bill By 30% to 50%

Not only do we procure best-in-class pricing and terms, but we hold vendors accountable with regular invoice reviews to verify every line item is contract compliant. We do all the work off-site in the background while you focus on your core business.

Don’t Switch Your Provider

Negotiation, implementation and managing of supplier agreements from both regional and national players, I.E. Cintas, Aramark, Unifirst, Alsco and Mission Linen.

Clean Up Your Laundry Services & Uniform Rental Costs

Uniforms, food & beverage linen, hospitality linens, healthcare, towels, mats, facility services & more.

Uniform Rental & Laundry Services Review

  • Billing audits for all types of uniform and linen providers. This includes major providers such as Cintas, Aramark, and Alsco…and even local and regional providers
  • An evaluation of the cost effectiveness of each and every line item charge on your invoice and your vendor contracts
  • A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings

Why Choose Us for a Laundry/Uniform Rental Audit

  • Reduce costs 30-50%
  • No change in provider needed
  • Have a contract in place? Yes, that is where we shine
  • Benchmark costs with monthly invoice validation
  • Best-in-class price negotiations, monthly invoice validation, contract compliance audit, and supplier accountability
  • Decades of experience
  • Formerly “big laundry” executives that now work for you
  • Mutually aligned goals to minimize costs and maximize value

Ready to Reduce Costs On Laundry Services & Uniform Rental ?

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