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Increase Profitability & Ensure Security

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Through Data-Driven Payment Optimization Strategies

If you’re still using ACH or checks to pay suppliers, you’re missing out on an excellent source of revenue. Virtual card payment solutions generate rebates that traditional payment methods can’t. The process of paying is easy and fast. Instead of using a regular credit card, you’ll use our industry-leading virtual card. Doing so can provide you with some of the highest rebates available. Virtual cards also enhance AP workflows, security, and efficiency.

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Client Case Study

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4 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Payments (eBook)

The key to success with Integrated Payables

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How Much Could You Receive Back?

A $10 million AP has the potential to produce $100,000-$150,000 in additional annual rebate via rebates. That’s six figures going back to your bottom line!

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Virtual Card Payments Are Easy and Fast

Making payments via a virtual card is fast and easy. With the ability to make rapid payments to vendors, you could reap more savings. If your AP team is still manually processing invoices every week, it’s time for a more efficient process with virtual cards. Your team will appreciate the break from repetitive work. It also makes reconciliation more straightforward, as vendors won’t be able to obtain more than one authorization.

Leave Virtual Card Payment Setup to Us

We’ll do all the setup for your virtual card, handling all necessary integrations with your ERP and vendor enrollment. With this process, you’ll be able to use this payment method more often, which should increase your annual rebates. Let us work hard to boost your profitability.

Be Assured of Security

Our virtual card provides robust security, outpacing other methods, with a unique 16-digit account number that changes with every transaction. There’s no storage of the card number anywhere. If a compromise occurs, the account would be unusable for any additional purchases. For extra security, the maximum amount chargeable is only equal to the amount of the single, approved invoice.

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Why Choose Us for Virtual Card Payments

  • Over 10,000 companies with over 450,000 suppliers use our partner platform.
  • Extensive experience and thousands of successful setups.
  • Industry-leading security.
  • Fast and easy payments.
  • High and competitive rebates.
  • No cost to sign up for our program.
  • More streamlined AP processes.

Ready to Earn Rebates and Cut Costs?

Contact us today to discuss our virtual card program.

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