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Telecom Expense Management and Audit Solutions

Cut Telecom Costs by up to 40%

In the world of telecom expense management, your savings should be loud and clear. Our team of telecom expense experts provides thorough telecom audits to ensure your costs are minimized.

Telecom Expense manager

Telecom Expenses Are Difficult to Manage and Navigate

Most businesses find the category of telecom expenses to be tricky to manage. With so many options and emerging technologies, the complexities are greater than ever, which leads to billing errors, nearly 90% of the time.

Pricing and services change frequently, and vendors generate confusing invoices that are severely outdated and prone to errors. Reviewing this can take hours, and you still may have questions.

While we know from experience, these mistakes exist, what’s unfortunate is that most companies never discover or correct them. So, you continue overpaying.

We Reduce Telecom Expenses with Comprehensive Audits

Your team may not have the expertise to dive deep into your telecom statements, but we can. We are overcharge detectives, identifying these issues, and cutting costs for our clients by up to 40%. Our telecom audit is the ideal foundation for efficient telecom expense management. If you have concerns about inefficiencies in your telecom and IT services, you’ll want to inquire about our risk-free audit.

audit binder with 2 people behind it
About Our Telecom Services Audit and How We Reduce Your Fees

Our typical review includes:

  • Local telephone bills and long-distance invoices
  • Frame relay invoices
  • Managed data service invoices
  • Internet and VoIP bills
  • Invoice and bill dispute resolutions
  • Tariff investigations
  • Vendor management
  • Negotiate new services and contracts
  • Cleanse vendor contract non-compliance errors
  • Cloud and software services

Why Choose Us for Telecom Expense Management

  • On average, we reduce fees by up to 40%.
  • We eliminate any downside with our contingency fee based audit.
  • Foremost industry expertise and hundreds of happy clients.
  • No change of carriers required.
  • There’s no disruption to your communications.
  • We don’t get paid until you realize incremental cash flow from cost reduction.

Ready to Reduce Telecom Fees?

Contact us today to learn more about how our audit optimizes your telecom costs.

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