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Reduce Electric, Water, and Natural Gas Costs

Most companies lack the time and technical resources to perform a regular audit of utility charges. That’s especially true for those with multiple locations across different states. Without this careful review of costs, there’s a good chance you could be overpaying. Utility companies operate by a model that puts 100% of the accuracy burden on their customers. Thus, if you’re not checking it, no one else is either.

We’ve been providing utility bill audit services for years. We can proudly say that we’ve found substantial refunds for overpayment and reduced costs for over 90% of our clients. Our proven methods and expertise in tariff interpretation and rate schedule analysis translate to lower costs and refunds for you.

What Is a Utility Bill Audit?

The audit of your utility bills includes an analysis of every utility you pay—power, water/sewer, and natural gas for the last 36 months. In reviewing your statements, we’re looking for several things. First, we want to check for rate errors. Then we’ll seek to find any incorrect application of tariff structures and tax inaccuracies. We also look at current utility budgetary spending.

At the completion of our evaluation, we’ll present to you our findings. The detailed report will include all errors and overcharges. We’ll also provide recommendations and explanations of possible cost savings relating to utility usage.

Why Audit Your Utility Bill?

Industry experts estimate that 80% of utility billing statements contain errors. That’s a substantial number of erroneous invoices. If you’re overpaying for utilities, that’s hitting your bottom line every day. By engaging with professional auditors, you’ll be able to lower operating costs and improve cash flow.

For companies that have multiple locations, keeping up with these expenses and their accuracy is overwhelming. Due to the volume and complexity, your AP department doesn’t have time to analyze spend, focusing just on getting the bills paid on time.

utility bill

Why Choose Us for a Utility Bill Audit

  • Over 90% of our clients benefit from these audits, recouping overpayments and decreasing costs.
  • Substantial expertise in tariff interpretation.
  • We correct errors found in the audit so that moving forward, you’re not being billed for those costs.
  • No-risk audits—we only get paid when you realize incremental cash flow from fee reduction.
  • Dedicated team that has spent their careers dissecting utility bills for errors and overcharges.

Ready to Find Utility Savings?

Contact our team today to discuss your free utility bill audit.

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