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Solid Savings You Can Count On

Have you benchmarked your waste expenses?

Most of our clients do a great job with RFP’s. We consistently help them further reduce this cost by 20-40% with our comprehensive waste and recycling audit. Our shared savings model with no upfront costs creates a risk-free opportunity for you.

Why Audit Your Waste and Recycling Invoices?

Did you know there’s a good chance your waste invoices are inaccurate? Billing errors are only the beginning of recouping expenses. You may also see new fees on your bills like those for recycling contamination. Other discrepancies occur as well around incorrect charges or services, invalid pickups, or container removals. By partnering with our team of waste audit experts, we’ll find these issues and provide you with even more ways to control waste costs.

Analyzing Your Waste and Recycling Spend

We’ll perform a detailed analysis of your current waste disposal program with the objective of uncovering cost reduction opportunities. Those include:

  • Usage assessment
  • Servicing history
  • Equipment
  • Pricing
  • Billing
  • Recycling
  • Technology usage
  • Contract compliance
recycle and waste bins

What the Audit Reveals

Upon completion of the audit, we are able to identify the gaps, losses, and inefficiencies in your waste and recycling program.

We identify where and how you’re currently losing money. Digging deeper into the data, we can discuss access technologies not made available by vendors as well as evaluating cost versus benefits of technology upgrades. Additionally, we look at cost recovery and recycling alternatives. Finally, we forecast waste disposal costs for months or even years in advance.

We then develop recommendations and, with your approval, implement cost-effective solutions so that your savings will recur year after year.

Future Savings for Waste and Recycling

The last part of the audit is obtaining reductions for future costs by correcting or modifying the scope of services through:

  • Improving waste handling
  • Storage
  • Transportation efficiencies
  • Securing refunds or credits for billing errors and overcharges
  • Increased effectiveness of your existing or potential recycling program
  • Introducing innovative technologies related to waste handling methods
  • Auditing invoices
  • Negotiating improved service contracts with the appropriate vendors

Areas of Expertise

  • Solid waste
  • Medical waste
  • Landfill pricing
  • Shredding
  • Hazardous waste
  • E-Waste disposal

Ready to Discover New Waste and Recycling Savings?

Contact us today to discuss a waste and recycling audit.

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